Our Story

Here at Air Access, we are passionate about connecting people with the right technology to radically improve the way they work. The field of UAVs is an exciting, fast-paced world. We have found that the rate of change and improvement in the field can present challenges for companies trying to adopt new technologies.

In response to the very specific requirements of this industry, our team members have backgrounds ranging from energy and aviation to law enforcement. As experienced commercial pilots, UAV pilots, and aviation operations personnel, we understand the need for safe, practical operational execution using the best technologies for the task at hand.

                                                                                         Our Approach

Air Access listens carefully to our clients to understand their needs and challenges. Our goal is to create a tailored technology solution that incorporates the best UAV equipment, sensors, and data management. We commit to follow through with support, training, and education to ensure best value is realized for each of our clients.

Whether Air Access delivers the UAV services, provides consultation, or aids in establishing your UAV programs, we promise to provide exceptional quality and the best solutions.

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